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Heavy Vehicle Servicing You Can Rely On

welding and fabrication

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Heavy Vehicle Servicing

Welding In Sea Container Locks

Weldable twist locks are designed with a flat base that can be installed into a ‘slipper’ frame or welded directly. They are perfect for connecting shipping containers to any other structure and are commonly used to connect shipping containers to trucks and barges as well as to ships. Adding a welded bolt plate of reinforcing bar to them allows them

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Heavy Vehicle Servicing

Everyday Magic Performed In Our Workshop

https://dieselforce.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/DF-lancing-a-pin.mp4 This is one of our mechanics that is lancing out a pin. Welding and fabrication in our own workshop plays an important role in being able to get our clients “back in the game” as quick as possible.

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